Floor cleaning service

Day-to-day floor cleaning services use HEPA-filter vacuums and microfiber mop pads to capture more dirt, dust, and grime than other cleaning providers, giving your floors a spotless, sparkling appearance. Deep cleaning, polishing, and refinishing services are performed using specialized equipment and cleaning products.

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Floor cleaning

Flagstone and Slate Floors

Flagstone and slate are natural-stone flooring materials that are similar. They have rough, porous surfaces and are set into grout.
Flagstone and slate floors must be sealed with a commercial sealer, not lacquer or varnish.
The best way to seal a flagstone or slate floor is with a commercial sealer for terrazzo and slate. After the sealer dries, apply two thin coats of an acrylic floor finish with a long-handle wax applicator fitted with a lamb’s wool pad, or apply paste wax with a floor-polishing machine. To do this, use a spatula to spread a small amount of paste wax directly on the brushes of the polisher. Slowly operate the polisher back and forth to apply a thin coat of wax. When dry, buff the floor.
A self-polishing liquid will build up on your floor, and you’ll occasionally have to strip the wax buildup and rewax. After applying the stripper according to the manufacturer’s directions, rinse the floor thoroughly with clear water, then apply wax.
Damp-mop flagstone or slate floors using either clear water, an all-purpose cleaning solution in warm water, or water to which fabric softener has been added. Wring the mop until it doesn’t drip, and apply it to the floor in slow, even strokes. If the freshly mopped floor dries with a luster-dulling film, you can mop it again with water containing a cup of white vinegar; the floor will glisten.
Thank goodness for linoleum, which is easy to maintain as long as it has been waxed. Read about how to clean linoleum floors in our next section.

Linoleum Floors

To shine and resist foot traffic, linoleum must be waxed. But once it is waxed, the only regular maintenance linoleum floors need is vacuuming and an occasional swipe with a damp mop.
Cleaning linoleum with a mop is the quickest way to go.

Linoleum should be cleaned with a mop.
A cup of vinegar in the mop water will bring up the shine on the floor, so you can delay rewaxing until it’s really necessary.
Remove heel marks from linoleum by dipping fine-grade (000) steel wool in liquid floor wax. Rub the spot gently, and wipe with a damp cloth.
Solvent-base products can soften and damage linoleum. Scouring the floor, flooding it with water, or using very hot water is also bad for linoleum floors.
The fastest way to clean a linoleum floor is with a one-step cleaner or polish, but the best way to clean the floor is to mop it with an all-purpose cleaner. Dissolve the cleaner in warm water, rinse, and apply two thin coats of self-polishing liquid.
Next on our list is marble, which can be one of the most beautiful types of floors if it’s cared for correctly.